Tile Take Back


Recycling millions of pounds
of fired tile every year

With the establishment of our Tile Take-Back Program®, Crossville® solved the biggest environmental problem facing today’s tile industry: how to recycle fired porcelain tile.


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While many tile manufacturers, including Crossville itself, had been successfully reusing powders and unfired tile, both pre- and post-consumer fired porcelain tile (tile in its finished state) was considered non-recyclable. Every year, manufacturers dumped hundreds of millions of pounds of damaged, scrap or otherwise unsellable fired tile into landfills. Additionally, there was no known environmentally friendly way in which to dispose of previously installed, post-consumer tile.

All that changed in 2009, when we introduced the Tile Take-Back Program.

By developing a proprietary recycling process to turn fired tile back into the ceramic powder used in manufacturing new tile, we launched a truly innovative recycling effort that would allow Crossville to become the first-ever net consumer of tile waste—meaning we recycle more than we produce. Thanks to an expansion of our recycling program through a partnership established with sanitary wares manufacturer TOTO USA® in 2011, we’re also able to recycle pre-consumer porcelain toilets and other cast-off products that would normally be discarded.

Creating an open recycling program that uses not only our own scrap and previously installed tile from the Crossville distribution network, but post-consumer tile from other manufacturers and projects, enables us to reduce the burden on even more landfills, while minimizing our own demand for new, raw materials.

Altogether, tens of millions of pounds—and counting—of porcelain waste collected to date have been recycled into new Crossville tile, enabling us to maintain net waste consumption at our plants since 2012.


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