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Superior exteriors, with Crossville Porcelain Stone®

Crossville’s Porcelain Stone® Exterior Cladding Systems are designed to go almost anywhere traditional masonry or brick can go—as well as places they can’t. Convenient size ranges in more than 200 colors  stand up beautifully to years of weather and wear. When properly installed, Crossville exterior cladding is freeze-thaw stable and proven strong enough for use in any climate. Crossville Exterior Cladding Systems offer low to zero maintenance exteriors from a sustainable manufacturer.


Protect your Crossville tile from stains, scuffs and graffiti

Cross-Sheen®, exclusively from Crossville, is an invisible, integrated finish that protects the look of nearly any Crossville tile from the defacing effects of scuffs, stains, even permanent marker and graffiti. By creating an advanced, easy-clean tile surface, Cross-Sheen allows for fast removal of unsightly marks using only mild cleaner, resulting in truly hassle-free installation, cleaning and long-term maintenance of your Crossville tile.

Unlike expensively applied, non-permanent anti-graffiti coatings, Cross-Sheen is incorporated directly into the surface of the tile, so it will never scrape off or wear off. Made in the USA to stringent specifications, Cross-Sheen is a beautifully advanced solution for exterior and interior walls and interior flooring in residential or commercial applications.

See how Cross-Sheen® works:


  • Cross-Sheen
  • Cross-Sheen™

    Our exclusive Cross-Sheen® finish, available on most Crossville products, creates an invisible, integrated surface that protects the look of tile from the damaging, defacing effects of scuffs, stains, even permanent marker and graffiti—allowing these marks to be easily removed using only mild cleaner. Look for this icon when selecting products available with our easy-clean, Cross-Sheen finish.

    • An integrated finish
    • Available on most Crossville products
    • Allows for simple removal of scuff, stains & graffiti with a mild cleaner
    • For exterior and interior walls, interior flooring
    • Already integrated, no additional application needed
    • The solution for easy maintenance long term
    • Made in the U.S.A.



Field-applied exterior cladding systems allow for effective application of tile over clean masonry, concrete or wood/metal studs—ideal for smaller installations or effective refacing on lower portions of buildings.

Exterior cladding is recommended for:

  • Retail developments
  • Educational facilities
  • Parking structures
  • Correctional facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Stadiums

  • Financial institutions
  • Tunnels
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Residential buildings
  • Walls and fences


  • More than 200 colors in a wide range of sizes; custom colors and sizing available
  • Cross-Sheen® finish creates an easy-clean surface for fast, effective removal of scuffs, stains, even graffiti
  • Optional Hydrotect™ finish is self-cleaning and purifies the air
  • Crossville Porcelain Stone won’t effloresce

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For installations featuring Porcelain Stone® and SureClad Exterior Cladding Systems, visit our Inspiration page.

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