Laminam goes above and beyond
in providing endless creative solutions

Laminam by Crossville®’s porcelain tile panels are the only design solution of their kind
that can skin both floors and walls in durable, enviable ceramic style.

As its exclusive U.S. distributor, Crossville partners with Laminam, a consolidated System Group company in Modena, Italy, to bring a dramatic new dimension of porcelain tile to American design. Laminam by Crossville’s technologically advanced, aesthetically innovative tile panels, available in thicknesses of 3+mm and 5.6mm, enable you to effortlessly skin both floors and walls to dress spaces in ways previously unthinkable in architectural design. An ever-growing catalog of designer-inspired colors and finishes extends Laminam’s versatility to elevate the look of virtually any interior space.

Crossville Porcelain Tile Panels

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porcelain tile panels

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of colors and finishes on the market

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Our U.S. distribution guarantees delivery of product in 2 weeks*

*excludes special order products

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creative solutions

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Laminam cuts demolition, install
and downtime — often in 1/2

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Laminam goes where other
products can't

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Laminam features Crossville's
revolutionary Hydrotect
surface technology.

Our Complete Line

Avorio L2048/L4538 3+ L2048.1M3M - Stocking - 5.6mm L4538.1M3M - Special Order
Grigio L1367/L3521 3+ L1367.1M3M - Stocking 5.6mm L3521.1M3M - Special Order
Nero L1510/L4401 3+ L1510.1M3M - Stocking 5.6mm L4401.1M3M - Special Order
Noce L2049/L4743 3+ L2049.1M3M - Stocking 5.6mm L4743.1M3M - Special Order
Antracite F6373 F6373.1M3M 3+ Stocking
Avorio F6372 F6372.1M3M 3+ Stocking
Bianco F6385 F6385.1M3M - 3+ Stocking
Grigio F6376 F6376.1M3M - 3+ Stocking
Nero F6379 F6379.1M3M 3+ Stocking
Tortora F6382 F6382.1M3M - 3+ Stocking
Bianco Lasa Bush Hammered F7048 F7048.1M3M 5.6 Stocking
Bianco Lasa Polished F0375 F0375.1M3M 5.6 Stocking
Diamond Cream Bush Hammered F7049 F7049.1M3M 5.6 Stocking
Nero Greco Polished F0373 F0373.1M3M 5.6 Stocking
Noir Desir Polished F0372 F0372.1M3M 5.6 Stocking
Crusca L2641/L3504 3+ L2641.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L3504.1M3M - Special Order
Fumo L0047/L3503 3+ L0047.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L3503.1M3M - Special Order
Moro L0218/L4084 3+ L0218.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L4084.1M3M - Special Order
Nero Intenso L3797/L4084 3+L3797.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L4084.1M3M - Special Order
Nero L0046/L3500 3+ L0046.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L3500.1M3M - Stocking
Neve L0102 3+L0102 - Stocking
Perla L0402/L3502 3+L0402.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L3502.1M3M - Special Order
Tortora L0163/L3795 3+ L0163.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L3795.1M3M - Special Order
Crusca L0002 5.6 L0002.1M3M - Special Order
Fumo L0003 5.6 L0003.1M3M - Special Order
Perla L0018 5.6 L0018.1M3M - Special Order
Argento L2092 3+ L2092.1M3M - Stocking
Brina L2879 3+ L2879.1M3M - Stocking
Ghisa L2095 3+ L2095.1M3M - Stocking
Mercurio L2882 3+ L2882.1M3M - Stocking
Oro L2093 L2093.1M3M - Stocking
Pece L2880 3+ L2880.1M3M - Stocking
Rame L2881 3+ L2881.1M3M - Stocking
Rubino L4508 3+ L4508.1M3M - Special Order
Piombo L4879/L4338 3+ L4879.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L4338.1M3M - Stocking
Rena L4903/L3917 3+ L4903.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L3917.1M3M - Stocking
Roccia L4482/L3916 3+ L4482.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L3916.1M3M - Stocking
Sale L4489/L3914 3+ L4489.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L3914.1M3M - Stocking
Terra L4496/L3915 3+ L4496.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L3915.1M3M - Stocking
Ferro Ossidato L5349 L5349 - 3+ - Stocking
Plumbeo Ossidato L5347 L5347 - 3+ - Stocking
Plutonio Ossidato L5350 L5350 - 3+ - Stocking
Calacatta Oro Venato - Polished L0318 5.6 L0318.1M3M - stocking Bookmatch - L0318.1M3MBM - stocking
Calacatta Oro Venato Unpolished L6093 5.6 L6093.1M3M - Stocking
Crema Marfil L2226/L4127 3+ L2226.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L4127.1M3M - Special Order
Marfil Polished L0073 5.6 L0073.1M3M - Special Order
Ossidiana Vena Chiara L3121 3+ L3121.1M3M - Stocking
Ossidiana Vena Grigia L3122 3+ L3122.1M3M - Stocking
Ossidiana Vena Scura L2770 3+ L2770.1M3M - Stocking
Pietra Di Savoia Antracite L5136/L5253 3+ L5136.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L5253.1M3M - Stocking
Pietra di Savoia Avorio L5905 L5905.1M3M
Pietra Di Savoia Grigia L4552 5.6 L4552.1M3M - Stocking
Pietra Di Savoia Perla L5254/L5135 3+ L5254.1M3M - Special Order 5.6 L5135.1M3M - Stocking
Statuario Venato Polished L0319 5.6 L0319.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 Bookmatch L0319.1M3MBM - Stocking
Statuario Venato Unpolished L5778 5.6 L5778.1M3M - stocking
Travertino Avorio L2224 3+ L2224.1M3M - Stocking
Travertino Navona L4959 5.6 L4959.1M3M - Special Order
Travertino Romano L4938 5.6 L4938.1M3M - Special Order
Avorio L2012/L4035 3+ L2012.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L4035.1M3M - Special Order
Bianco L3439/L4382 3+ L3439.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L4382.1M3M - Special Order
Grigio L2581/L4739 3+ L2581.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L4739.1M3M - Special Order
Moro L1462/L4021 3+L1462.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L4021.1M3M - Special Order
Nero L1461/L4018 3+ L1461.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L4018.1M3M - Special Order
Perla L2013/L3764 3+ L2013.1M3M - Stocking 5.6 L3764.1M3M - Special Order
Beige L6477 3+ L6477.1M3M - Stocking
Black L5688 5.6 L5688.1M3M - Stocking
Brown L5689 5.6 L5689.1M3M - Stocking
Glace F7466 F7466.1M3M 3+ Stocking
Gris F7464 F7464.1M3M 3+ Stocking
Liquorice F7465 F7465.1M3M 3+ Stocking
Oro F7467 F7467 3+ Stocking

Crossville offers the largest, ever evolving catalog of Porcelain Tile Panel colors and finishes, many extremely unique for the perfect creative expression to take your design to new heights.

Your Laminam project will have even greater protection and performance thanks to Crossville’s Proprietary Finish Hydrotect. Crossville’s revolutionary, invisible coating harnesses the power of light, water, and oxygen to create the best defense against dirt and pollution. Whether indoors or out, floors and walls stay cleaner, providing a superior experience in any space. Learn more.

The latest trends in design is modern, nearly seamless looks. Gorgeous Laminam panels rise to meet this challenge and much more. 1M by 3M, 3+ and 5.6 thickness.

You’ll find our Porcelain Tile Panels advantageously installed on walls, floor, ceilings, creating curves, and over existing tile. We challenge you to find the limits of Laminam in your next installation.

  • 3+ is for interior and exterior vertical applications only.
  • 5.6 mm is for interior and exterior vertical applications and interior floors.  

Ideal for projects where a quick turn-around is critical to your customer including Health Care, Hospitality and Multi-Family housing. Laminam ensures the avoidance of down time, mess, and negative experiences for business patrons. Find an installer.


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