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Since its inception in 1960, St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida has grown from 12 families to more than 4,900 families and 15,000+ parishioners.

To accommodate the growing needs of the church, major expansions and renovations were made in 1969, 1982, 1990,1995, 1998, and 2012. The most recent renovation of the sanctuary proved to be more complicated than the ones of the yesteryear; not only did it have to have colors that blended with the existing color scheme and the purple stained glass, the new porcelain tile flooring required very intricate custom mural mosaics to create the ambiance of new design direction.

Crossville Inc. was chosen to provide flooring because it is American made, the product was readily available and it met budget requirements.

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Three of Crossville’s innovative products were selected for the new floor installation because of their unique qualities and color blending capabilities: Color Blox, Cross Colors and Vista Americana.

Color Blox offers rich colors, yet subtle differences in texture and shading to add depth to the floor surface.

Cross Colors celebrates the boldness of bright colors and boasts virtually limitless design and mix-and-match possibilities.

Vista Americana is inspired by the great American landscape, and commemorates the warmth and welcoming grandeur that St. Paul Church is known for.

The new remodel captures the essence of St. Paul’s. It is just one of many indicators of the church’s continued growth and spiritual prosperity.