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Biscuit & Branch, Columbus, OH

The name of Columbus, Ohio’s Biscuit & Branch restaurant pays homage to its fundamental offerings: all-day breakfast centered around that sublime Southern specialty, the biscuit, and the restaurant’s broad whiskey offering (think branch water, the limestone-filtered stream water used to dilute bourbon before bottling). While breakfast and whiskey may seem like an unusual pairing, the interior of Biscuit & Branch, which features Laminam by Crossville, merges the two concepts—upscale diner and late-night hang-out—to beautiful effect.

Biscuit & Branch is the second Columbus-area restaurant opened by Tony Selimi. Selimi not only conceptualized Biscuit & Branch but also designed its interior and installed some of the interior elements himself, including the tile.

The eatery, located in the popular Short North district of Columbus, required an interior space that would stand out from the area’s many trendy locations. Early in the design process, Selimi selected stone panels for the walls of the establishment, but he found that the cost for the product was prohibitive. What’s more, with a tight timeline for renovation—the project started in November 2016 and was to be completed by the new year—the wait-time on the stone was simply unworkable. Selimi needed a material that offered the rich, dynamic look of stone with both cost- and time-savings.

Thankfully, the team at distributor Hamilton Parker offered an excellent alternative to stone slabs: Laminam by Crossville porcelain tile panels. The Laminam creative solution more than fit the bill. In fact, the cost of Laminam was a stunning 50% less than stone Selimi had originally specified. In addition, the Laminam was delivered to the job site quickly, enabling Selimi to meet his tight timeline and get Biscuit & Branch open for business.

Selimi had previously installed porcelain tile panels, but the teams of Hamilton Parker and manufacturer Crossville were alongside to offer any installation training and guidance to ensure a positive experience. Selimi was so pleased with how beautifully Laminam solved his design challenges, he set out to use the material on every surface that he could. Ultimately, he found the revolutionary porcelain tile panels to be a beautiful and practical solution not only for the walls of Biscuit & Branch but also for stairs, ceilings, columns, counter- and bar tops and vertical surfaces that require ease of cleaning, such as bar walls.

For Biscuit & Branch, Selimi chose three styles of Laminam: I Metalli Plumbeo Ossidato, in an aged metal appearance and diamond plate-like texture; I Naturali Pietra Di Savoia Grigia with the look of natural stone; and I Naturali Statuario Venato Polished, a Carrara marble look. These selections offer varied shades of grey that create a stylish, cohesive aesthetic when used in unison. Selimi incorporated pops of red into the decor as a colorful accent.

The Laminam by Crossville porcelain tile panels allowed Selimi to create a look for Biscuit & Branch that goes from day to night—breakfast to cocktails—with style and ease. He characterizes Laminam as an “amazing product” and recommends it enthusiastically.

Distributor: Hamilton Parker (Bonnie Twomey)
Designer & Installer: Tony Selimi (, establishment owner