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When the design team at BB Architects, Inc. set out to specify materials for the new Regal Three Rivers Cinema in Kelso, Washington, it came with a tall order. It sought solutions that answered the full range of requirements expected of such a busy, high traffic commercial building. The surfaces needed to be dynamic, aesthetically appealing products with the ability to improve the functionality of the space, while also offering durability and requiring limited maintenance. The right materials would also positively impact health and safety for employees and customers.

The nearly 52,000 square foot Regal Three Rivers location replaced two other cinemas in the area and promised to set the stage for a state-of-the-art movie-watching experience for the local community. With 12 theaters in use daily, the space would see a significant amount of foot traffic and needed to live up to its majestic name for years to come.

With the prominence of the theater, its longevity, and that full list of specification requirements in mind, the BB Architects’ design team selected Crossville porcelain tile collections enhanced with the company’s proprietary Cross-Sheen and Hydrotect finishes. Cross-Sheen is an invisible, integrated finish that protects the look of nearly any Crossville tile from the defacing effects of scuffs, stains, or graffiti. Crossville’s Hydrotect coating harnesses the power of light, water, and oxygen to create the best offense and defense against dirt and pollution on any ceramic surface—inside or out.

These powerful surfacing solutions, which can be incorporated into nearly any Crossville porcelain tile product, allow property owners to better protect their investment in the materials by improving cleanability with the use of fewer harsh chemicals. These finishes’ benefits are greatly evident throughout the demanding environment of a large cinema complex like Regal Three Rivers Cinema.

To take advantage of these impressive technologies, the design team didn’t have to sacrifice style. One of the most striking design elements within the cinema is found at the entrance to its Regal Premium Experience (RPX) theater, where the RPX logo is emblazoned in chunky silver letters against a wall of Crossville’s colorful Glass Blox tile in the bold, translucent South Sea/Aegean/Blue Grotto blend.

Three styles from Crossville’s stylish Argent collection were also utilized across the Regal Three Rivers Cinema: No Reservations, Muddy Waters and Orange Crush. The collection carries the mottled, textured look of argent stone and establishes a durable foundation for the theater design that will stand up to the intense wear-and-tear of foot traffic for decades. In some areas, such as in the concession zone and behind the water fountains, Argent is continued up the walls for a sleek, unified look.

Crossville’s Wood Impressions in Gunstock was specified as a textural wall element in cinema halls. With its linear, plank format, the material incorporates a rustic, yet strikingly modern look with its high-grade wood floor graining, adding, yet another dimension to the cinema’s smart, contemporary design.

With Crossville tile collections enhanced by the latest clean surface technologies playing a starring role, Regal Three Rivers Cinema raised the curtain on a beautiful design the entire community will enjoy for years to come.