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Radisson Hotel | Manchester, NH

Sometimes when history repeats itself, it adds a new twist. Case in point: The remodel of the Radisson Hotel of Manchester is at once an homage to the city’s steeped history of industrialization and enterprise, as well as an example of the most fashion-forward and modern in hospitality design.

In 1810, Derryfield, New Hampshire was re-coined Manchester—a symbolic gesture built on the hope of modeling the town after Manchester, England, the first industrialized city in the world. The effort took hold, and this northeastern metropolis was soon home to the largest cotton mill in the world and had become renowned for production of shoes, cigars, paper, rifles, sewing machines, textile machines, fire engines, and locomotives.

In remodeling the Radisson Hotel of Manchester’s pre-function area and ballroom, the design team of Stibler Associates sought to honor that history, both with symbol and materiality. “The renovations to the pre-function area and ballroom pay tribute to the Merrimack River and the industrial revolution,” explains Janet Harkins of Stibler. “The team looked to represent materials that were prevalent during the early 20th century in mills along the river. We utilized exposed brick and introduced oiled rubbed bronze in many features, including doors, lighting and signage.”

Materials for the space were selected for their suitability in this aesthetic endeavor as well as their durability, of utmost importance in an area as heavily trafficked as a hotel lobby. These specifications included gauged porcelain tile panels by Crossville, as well as stone and carpet.

Laminam Oxide by Crossville, in the color Nero, was chosen to serve the space in a multitude of ways: to protect the columns, wrap the benches, and create a backsplash for the bar. The porcelain tile panels feature an industrial aesthetic with a shimmery, modern finish—a perfect match for the design intent. Also, thanks to the minimal grout joints required in installation, the product offers a sleek final appearance that requires virtually no maintenance and is very simple to keep clean, essential performance characteristics for a busy event space.

Oxide makes a striking contrast to the stunning, angular bronze light fixtures that feature exposed Edison bulbs and carry a distinctly industrial aesthetic, and the dramatic Brintons carpet, that carries the appearance of wide sweeps and eddies, emulating the look of a river running over rocks.

Completed in only six months, the dramatic overhaul doesn’t simply create a stunning entrance for the Manchester Radisson but also shares a story about the community to all who enter. In addition, the design earned an “Awesome Interiors” nod from Business NH 2017—a fitting tribute for a space that is as historically cool as the city in which its located.


Project Team:

  • Interior Designer: Stibler Associates, Janet Harkins & Liz Guertin
  • Distributor: Belknap White, Jane DiFranza
  • General Contractor: Martini Northern, Peter Middleton
  • Installer: Capital Tile and Marble
  • Crossville A&D Representative: Lori Bowers



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