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Lancer Motel | Myrtle Beach, SC

As with most episodes of the high energy reality show Hotel Impossible, the team leading the redesign of the outdated lobby of the Lancer Motel Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was charged with accomplishing a massive renovation of a space within a very tight timeline. With not a minute to spare, Orlando-area interior designer Anne Rue and the installation team of Specialized Contracting, Inc. turned to Crossville and our Laminam lines for creative solutions. Our selection of porcelain tile panels is renowned for providing aesthetic appeal and installation efficiencies. That’s just what was required for what turned out to be a truly amazing lobby transformation.

“When you’re doing a renovation—particularly for TV, even though you have a week to film, you really only have 3 and a half days to produce the finished project,” says Anne Rue, explaining he challenge of for-TV renovations such as the Lancer Motel project. “We’d typically be on a project where there’s flooring already existing, and we don’t have time to do the demolish and take all the old tile out. So the Laminam product worked really well for us. It’s such a large and thin product. It covers lots of space and can go over existing tile.”

For the Lancer Motel lobby, Rue specified Laminam from the Kauri collection in the Grigio color. The porcelain tile panels were installed directly over existing tile that, though recently installed, already had a dated appearance that simply didn’t support the new design vision for the space.
“We did the full lobby, and the Laminam was great,” Rue shares. “It was nearly seamless with less grout lines. It made the installation so nice and easy for us.”

With Laminam’s installation advantages, Rue and the Specialized Contracting team were able to manage the tight timeline and keep within budget. Because they did not have to lose precious time and effort associated with demolition of the previously installed tile, the project participants could focus on producing beautiful results that were truly stunning—and certainly made for great TV.


Project Team:

  • Anne Rue Interiors
  • Specialized Contracting, Inc.
  • Custom Building Products