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When the owners of Green House Truck, a popular mobile eatery in Dallas, were ready to establish a brick-and-mortar location, the design team selected Crossville’s Shades collection for the floor, a specification that aligns with both the restaurant’s cool, modern image and its sustainable approach.

Green House Market is located in a 3,300 square foot space on the second floor of Dallas’ NorthPark Center; the restaurant overlooks CenterPark Garden. Dallas-based firm Buchanan Architecture, which specializes in modern style design, was tapped by the restaurant’s owners to create a fresh, clean space.

A farm-to-table establishment, Green House Market takes a modern approach to both its cuisine and its atmosphere. The menu features fresh dishes that highlight locally sourced ingredients in a space adorned with contemporary art installations. In this environment, it is important that the food stand front and center. Shades, in the color Haze, provides an earthy foundation for the space, while also addressing the greatest challenge that the Buchanan design team faced on the Green House Market project: finding a product that could resolve the issues of durability while maintaining a crisp, clean palette. Says Russell Buchanan of Buchanan Architecture, “Crossville Shades gives us the ability to use beautifully crafted tiles in a neutral color palette that can handle the wear and tear of a demanding restaurant environment.”

Furthermore, with recycled content and a GreenSquared certification, Shades aligns with the Green House Market’s sustainable point of view. It’s a space that not only looks good but also, with this responsible flooring specification, one that the Green House Market team can feel good about.

Interestingly, it isn’t just Green House Market guests who have taken notice of the innovative design; the project took the top prize in the hospitality category of Floor Focus’ 2014 Vision Design Awards, which celebrate the integration of flooring within the overall architecture of a space.