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Brightline Rail System Terminals | South to Central Florida

Florida’s Brightline is the only privately owned, operated, and financed project of its kind developed in the United States today. The project’s 235-mile network of rail lines is connecting South Florida to Central Florida by operating on the existing Florida East Coast (FEC) corridor and creating new tracks to Orlando. The unprecedented infrastructure project provides a vital new service for Florida residents, business people, and visitors, offering amazing travel efficiencies for the regions. Riders will be able to make the trip between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in 30 minutes; the trip from Miami to West Palm Beach will take one hour. In addition to quick travel times, estimates are that it will eliminate more than three million car trips from the region’s roadways each year.

These routes constitute phase one of the ambitious and precedent-setting project. Phase two of the construction will be completed by 2020 and will link South Florida to Orlando. The trip from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando is expected to take two and a half hours and will terminate at the Orlando International Airport.

SOM, in association with Zyscovich Architects, provided design services for the three, phase one rail stations located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. These key portals within this progressive system are envisioned not only as gateways to their respective cities but also as iconic destinations, as well. The thoughtfully designed terminals are inviting hubs for shopping, dining, and meeting.

Materials for the project were selected in mid-2015. Crossville’s Shades collection in 24” x 24” tile with the versatile UPS finish made the short list of consideration and ultimately were selected because of the line’s sleek, urban look and superior performance. With a DCOF of .50 – .60, these tiles reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, supporting the goal of safety for busy railway passengers and guests.

To advance the already high performance of the tiles, the specification team opted for Crossville’s proprietary Cross-Sheen® finish for the installation. Cross-Sheen is an invisible, integrated finish that guards the tiles to which it is applied against stains and scuffs. This creates an easier-to-clean, lower maintenance surface that will aid in keeping the rail stations fresh and looking great for years to come.

  • Architecture & Design: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) in association with Zyscovich Architects
  • General Contractor: Moss Construction
  • Tile Contractor: B&B Tile Installation
  • Distributor: D&B Tile Distributors