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With the upscale elegance of artisanal marble and the numerous benefits of porcelain tile, Laminam by Crossville’s I Naturali collection was both a stunning and smart addition to the offices of a Charlotte, North Carolina-based financial services firm.

The firm is headquartered in one of Charlotte’s historic high-rise office buildings. When Jenkins + Peer Architects out of Charlotte, NC set out to create the space for their client  in this notable building, they wanted to stay true to the building’s unique history by employing a design that embraced its renowned architectural elements, while also addressing the client’s focus on creating offices that help to attract and retain top talent in the competitive financial services field.

To achieve the objectives, the Jenkins + Peer team created the fresh, 3,600 square foot office space with an integration of modern design, technology and furnishings. The result is a facility that blurs the lines between work and play by providing collaborative workspaces, as well as areas designed to allow employees to relax and recharge.

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The use of Laminam by Crossville in the Ossidiana Vena Chiara tone was vital to executing the architect’s design vision. Used to skin walls, built-in desks, and bars, the Laminam by Crossville porcelain tile panels add a needed depth with their warm tone and rich texture, set in contrast to the office’s soaring white walls and naturally toned floors. Laminam offers this stunning aesthetic at a fraction of the cost of true stone or marble, and the timeless beauty will be maintained with ease for years to come.

Financial services is a competitive industry, and an upscale, stylish office space goes a long way towards attracting the right clients and the top talent. With the specification of Laminam by Crossville, this Charlotte-based firm can rest assured that the design materials themselves are a sound financial investment that will serve the needs of staff and guests beautifully now and into the future.