Tile for Office Spaces – Crossville Looks At Advantages

Tile for Office Spaces

The solution to designing and creating an environment conducive to employee productivity and happiness lies beneath, so to speak.

Advancements in manufacturing technology, coupled with strict quality control and processes, allow architects and designers to appreciate the benefits of specifying American made tile for office spaces. From the interior floor, walls and countertops, to exterior façades, the advantages of tile in the workplace far outweigh any other type of floor or wall covering product.

Further, and contrary to popular belief, tile is not a “cold” product. With a wide range of designs, patterns and colors available, the addition of tile to any size project has the ability to transform a small office space into a warm, cozy environment; or a multi-storied building into an inviting setting for employees and visitors alike.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons tile is the perfect surfacing solution for any business environment.

  • Transformation
    Whether you’re planning a full-scale remodel, or preparing to freshen up a certain area, choosing tile as your surface of choice will not only bring the office space up-to-date, but you’ll be confident with its long-lasting viability.
  • Exterior Façades
    Enhanced exteriors reflective of their surroundings provide a seamless visual. Large-scale and lightweight Laminam porcelain tile panels by Crossville offer the perfect solution for creating sleek, modern exteriors where complicated preparation methods are unnecessary.
  • Reduced Downtime
    Time is always of the essence when a major renovation or remodel is necessary. With the use of tile, down time and extensive demolition become a thing of the past. Day-to-day business operations and employee productivity can continue with little or no disturbance. The result is a renewed, energetic and clean atmosphere for all to appreciate.
  • Sustainable, Long-Term Solution
    As an inherently low-maintenance product, tile offers a sustainable, long-term solution for any size office or business space. Scratch-, abrasion- and moisture-resistant, tile also contributes to a wide variety of a building’s LEED points with its low maintenance, long lifespan, and its noticeable lack of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) properties.
  • Visually Appealing, Budget Friendly
    Enhanced manufacturing methods, coupled with technologically advanced production capabilities, renovating or refreshing a space that allows employees to relax and recharge, while adhering to budgetary constraints, is invaluable.

Clearly, whether you’re looking to cover a few hundred square feet or tens of thousands, tile’s inherent advantage plays a fundamental, essential role in any office or business spaces’ remodeling/renovation efforts.