The Crossville EPD :: Enabling Projects to Net More LEED Credit

EPD logoAt Crossville, we believe in transparency: in providing clients with an accurate understanding of the company they’re working with as well as of the products they’re specifying. What’s more, we believe there is no better way to do that than by providing real, quantifiable (and third party verified!) information that tells the true, green story in cold, hard facts.

That’s why we invested in creating an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) specific to our business and practices.

What is an EPD? Think of it as the green building material equivalent of a nutrition label on packaged foods. EPDs are intended to provide comprehensive product data conveyed in a simple to understand format for people who must make specification decisions. EPDs are becoming increasingly important tools for specifiers seeking to wade through industry greenwashing to find materials that truly meet green requirements, particularly if seeking LEED certification. The value of an EPD rests in the fact that it assesses many environmental impact zones rather than considering a single attribute, like recycled content or embodied energy, providing specifiers with a way to judge like against like in quantifiable terms.

Our EPD—found here —covers all Crossville-made floor and wall tile products. The document was meticulously compiled over the course of almost two years and provided us the opportunity to fully assess our practices and products, documenting that they are on-track with standards for sustainable sourcing and manufacturing.

In addition, the Crossville EPD offers an added bonus for specifiers creating projects seeking LEED certification. More credit is given in LEED for company-specific EPDs than for industry participation, so projects that use Crossville-made tile automatically net more LEED credit than projects that use tile covered only by the industry-wide EPD created by the Tile Council of North America.

Learn even more about our green standards, practices, and products in the Sustainability section of our website by clicking here.