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Learn how to easily remove remove unwanted graffiti from your facility with our proprietary finish in this guest blog by Robin Rhea, Crossville Director of Brand Marketing. 


Graffiti comes in all types of expressions. From buildings to subways, to bathrooms and back alley ways, graffiti greets us with random, and often offensive messages–and the very high cost of removing it.Graffiti in bathroom

In a 1983 study “When walls speak, what do they say?” three categories of graffiti are named: Tourist graffiti (e.g. “Mike wuz here”), inner-city graffiti, such as tagging and street art, and toilet graffiti or “latrinalia”. Regardless of where a person with spray paint or sharpies decides to leave a message, it’s disruptive to the eye. If you’re a building owner or facility manager, graffiti is at the bottom of the list of messages you want to send to customers about your business. It might say to patrons “we tolerate the defacement of our building” which could leave them wondering then why should I do business with you.

Graffiti is not a “Good Time” to remove

If your building is struck by a graffiti artist or would-be writer, there are layers of challenges in dealing with creative doodles on your walls. Aside from sending the wrong message about your business, it can cost you big bucks to do a removal that may ultimately be a dud. Depending on the surface type, graffiti removal may be impossible and leave you with a faded but still obvious version of it. Effective or not, removal chemicals are not safe to breathe and lengthy exposure should certainly be avoided. Even more frustrating is the fact that ambitions artists may return and reclaim their message space after you remove it.

Develop a Graffiti Defense

Get smarter than your neighborhood artists when you choose your building surfaces, both inside and out. Crossville, Inc. tile features our proprietary finish – Cross-sheen that can help you protect your investment in your business. Cross-sheen protects the surface of tile by providing an invisible barrier to paints, inks, stains and dirt. If graffiti makes its way onto your Crossville Tile surface, you can remove it with safe, simple cleaner and avoid the cost and time involved with its removal from other surfaces.   

Call Crossville Instead

If you’ve been losing the battle to antagonistic artists, or you want to ensure you never have to fight the graffiti battle in your business, call Crossville. We can prepare you to win-out with the message you choose to send to your customers. You can choose from a variety of looks and styles to complement your business while protecting the look for a lifetime. Watch our Cross-sheen video to see the process in action then go to our Find a Distributor link to put Crossville Tile in your next project.

Read more about how we demonstrated our Cross-sheen finish LIVE in front of an audience of designers in 2015 in Denver, a city that spends $2,000,000 a month on graffiti removal.

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