Design Trends Lookbook 2018

Flamboyant, comfortable, glamorous, cultured… Dive into the most recent design trends with Crossville.

Click here to download the Design Trends Lookbook 2018.

Throughout the year, we’ve taken you on a journey of design through four up and coming trends in interiors. These trends are a beautiful amalgam of global influences, historical sensibilities, and modern lifestyles. We’ve encapsulated the many looks in our stunning Design Trends Lookbook, Vol. 1. We hope you’ll peruse the pages for inspiration mixed with lots of tile style to help achieve the looks you’ll discover.

You may also want to check out our blog to learn why we are seeing these new trends, what they look like in interior design, and where to see them in tile: Art Deco Revival, Flamboyantly Flemish, Comfortably Content, and Tribal Beat.

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