Crossville Looks at Trend Life Cycles and Style That Earns Tradition Status

We’re living, working, and designing in a world in which shelf lives for fashion–be that fashion found in interiors or on the runway–are decreasing. Some say that interior design trends now only live 2.5 to 3 years compared to the lengthier trend curves (4 to 7 years) of the past. After a design element exits trend status, it either becomes a staple for design schemes (think about the path of the color gray, for example) or fades from prominence only to await a future turn back in the spotlight (chevron, anyone?).

Why is it that trends life cycles are tightening? How are trends born, anyway? Do they even really matter? What does it take for a trend to cross over to become a true tradition within the world of design? We’ve recently delved into these questions to gain insights from many angles. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of trends, as they’re relevant to design professionals who specify for commercial and residential projects that achieve style that’s balanced between what’s in vogue now yet timeless enough to hold appeal longer term.

Crossville wood-look tile

Crossville’s Reclamation line is an example of digital printing’s influence on the popularity of wood-look porcelain tile.

Advancements in manufacturing capabilities and technology, resource availability, as well as marketing initiatives of an entire category or industry often drive trends. A great example is looks that have come about because of the tile industry’s high definition printing capabilities. Once this technology became available, tile manufacturers were able to advance our designs. This new tool in the toolbox in combination with other technical advancements led to us being able to, at last, create convincing wood looks. We offered the wood-look tiles that resonated with design professionals, resulting in a trend for the popular look that has evolved to become a staple or core offering.

Our digitally connected world is all but void of borders. Any of us can follow inspirational design accounts from across the globe thanks to social media. Any of us can scroll Instagram and simply, quickly see design ideas and inspiration from across all parts of the planet. This connectedness has led to more international influence on design, as well as faster consumer acceptance of styles/colors/shapes/patterns that burgeon from not only from geographic areas far and away, but also from individuals and companies that viewers may have not been introduced to were it not for social media’s vast reach.

View our interior designer panel discussion held at the Southern Style Now Festival in Savannah, Georgia to hear insights on the topic from leaders in residential design.

Our own Lindsey Waldrep moderates a designer panel discussion live at the Southern Style Now Festival in Savannah. Trends vs Tradition—what do leading designing minds have to say about the way southern style evolves?

Posted by Crossville, Inc. on Friday, November 10, 2017

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