Crossville Color Talk :: What Is Color’s Role in Interior Design?

color swatches Color makes for great conversation. At Crossville,we’re constantly tracking the colors that are current and those that are to come. Popular palettes for residential and commercial design influence the colors we create for our porcelain tile and glass mosaic tile collections. Colors are the backdrops of daily lives.

That’s why we’re launching the “Crossville Color Talk” series. For our first installment, we’re looking at insights from Amy Wax, award winning architectural color consultant, author of Can’t Fail Color Schemes and creator of the Color 911 app.

Amy Wax

Amy Wax, award winning architectural color consultant

“Every color in a room makes a difference,” Amy stated during her recent presentation at Modenus Talks*, an event held in conjunction with KBIS 2015 and Design and Construction week in Las Vegas. We couldn’t agree more with this premise. But underlying this seemingly simple statement are layers of meaning and a number of questions: How do colors actually make a difference in residential design? Why are they important? How do we develop meaningful color palettes? What do color trends really mean and how important are they? How do you find the right color?

Amy had great answers for these questions in her discussion on the impact of color and why color matters.

1. Color matters. It creates an emotional bond with the home.
2. Color allows you to make different statements as you move through different areas of your home.
3. Color provides the opportunity to bring in elements of culture, increasing a client’s emotional tie to their space.
4. Color can be a reflection if your cultural identity.
5. Color nurtures in every single room.
6. Color tells the story of a room.
7. Color is a directional tool. It is not just decorative; it sets a purpose.
8. It’s important to choose color based on the usage of the room.
9. The right color may not be what’s trendy, but what appropriate for the design.
10. Use color to make a space personal.
11. Use color to create a sense of cleanliness and sanitary feel through contrast.
12. Color can set a boundary and make a safe space in interior design.
13. Color can make a room with a chore (like a laundry room) feel more inviting.
14. Use color to accentuate the architecture of the room.

And finally, probably one of the most important take-aways from Amy’s Modenus Talk: If you’re happy in a space, you’ll spend time in it.

In upcoming posts on Crossville Color Talk, we’re going to take a look at the latest color trends and tools for identifying colors and creating the right color palettes for your designs. Of course, you can always follow us on Pinterest to find inspirational color Pinboards and ideas for great design.

Look for more on the quest for the right color coming soon!

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Crossville is dedicated to being at the forefront of color trends in order to infuse them into our product development to bring you the latest styles in addition superior quality wrought from cutting-edge technologies. As we strive to be on-trend and fashion forward, we also understand that trend alone is not the driving force in color selection. To that end, we ensure the colors we select for our products are appropriate to each and every tile design, as well as the times.

*A series of talks and fun challenges around subjects like business of design, design trends, technology in design and design that makes a difference. Click here to learn more about Modenus.