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Laminam for hospital walls


Hospitals see greater, more intense action than many commercial spaces. From the rush of trauma response units to the ongoing push of wheelchairs and gurneys in corridors, the walls of hospital hallways endure constant beating. The upkeep of walls throughout hospital facilities can be a ceaseless endeavor—especially if those walls are covered in materials that are easily scuffed, stained, dinged, or damaged.

Excellent Alternative to Common Wall Coverings:  Porcelain tile panels, such as the collections offered in the Laminam by Crossville line, are excellent alternatives to common commercial wall coverings. These innovative products offer many advantages that translate really well for demanding hospital environments. Porcelain tile panels are lean in profile (Laminam by Crossville wall collections are only 3mm in thickness) yet come in generously proportioned outer dimensions up to1M x 3M (over 3 ft x nearly 10 ft). This means the panels cover ample surface area for attractive looks with minimal grout line.


Porcelain Tile’s Power on Walls: The strength and performance is on par with porcelain tile products. Though these panels are lean and large, they offer all the technical performance expected of commercial-grade porcelain tile. The extremely dense porcelain tile body backed with fiber mesh ensures exceptional durability that withstands wear and tear beautifully.

Easy To Clean: Porcelain tile panels offer ease of cleanability. As with any tile product, porcelain tile panels are low maintenance. They may be quickly cleaned with water and the most basic, natural cleaning solutions—no chemicals required.


Long-lasting, Less Replacement: Porcelain tile panels last and minimize the need to replace wall coverings. Because they withstand wear, tear, and dings better than many other wall covering options, maintenance staff won’t be required to constantly clean, let alone deal with replacement. Porcelain tile panels are engineered to offer longevity with the life cycle of buildings. Thanks to the performance characteristics of porcelain tile and the array of beautiful styles that transcend design trends, these panels can remain installed for years to come.


Endless Design Options: The array of styles and aesthetics is vast. Within the Laminam by Crossville product line-up, there are many looks to choose from that answer a seemingly endless spectrum of design schemes. Solid colors, metallic looks, stone-inspired options, wood-look lines…the panels are as versatile in design options as they are in potential applications.


Potential for Great Time- & Cost-Savings in Installation: Installation advantages also abound. Notably, porcelain tile panels may be directly installed over many other previously installed surfaces, including old tile or stone. Being able to install without going through demolition to remove previous tile or stone offers major savings of time, money, and labor. Not to mention, it spares materials from being sent to landfills. It’s a smart, efficient, green alternative.

Explore Laminam by Crossville for Your Next Hospital Project

Laminam by Crossville porcelain tile panels deliver unparalleled strength and cleanability, ensuring white walls stand up to heavy use without looking dingy, cracked, or torn. The use of porcelain tile panels for hospital wall coverings is a creative solution that aids in keeping facilities cleaner, looking great, and reducing (or eliminating!) the need to repair or replace materials over the long term.
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