Color Trends 2018: Tour the Trends with Crossville

Beauty is Color-Shades of Black

As part of our ongoing commitment to bringing tile specifiers, designers, and architects on-trend, creative surfacing solutions, Crossville does significant market research to identify holistic design trends, pinpoint current and future priorities of the A&D community, as well as understand what drives the trends, including the ever-evolving color palettes for commercial and residential design. Understanding what’s happening in the world of color is an important driving force behind our product development.

Here’s a look at the trends in color that are on the scene in 2018 and how we have embraced them in our latest collections.

Bold, inky, dark colors began showing up last year, particularly in design elements such as fabrics and wall coverings. Today, they’ve become prevalent even in more permanent design elements, including surfacing materials and appliances. The inky hues we’re seeing now are definitely not flat and boring; they have movement, depth, and excitement. While lighter neutrals remain foundational staples, these shadowy shades can really anchor a room and make a big impression. The presence of these darker hues is running the gamut; we’re seeing designers  ground  spaces with dark colors as expansive backdrops or use these rich tones as accents. No matter the approach, this color trends brings a mood to a space.

Shades of black that are trending include deep purples and blues, deep teals, grays and interesting blacks that have a lot of texture. We find that these moody hues create a dramatic and sophisticated look, especially when executed in tile. Here are some of the Crossville lines that embrace this exciting trend toward the dark side.

Introduced late last year, fabric-inspired Bohemia has a beautiful textile-like texture that almost feels like it has concrete smoothed over the top of it, giving it an interesting burlap-like texture. The Wanderer colorway is a dark, inky warm gray that stands in boho chic contrast to it’s classic, flat gray counterpart.

Bohemia in Wanderer

Handwritten is a beautiful wall collection that captures the look of artisanal tile in a product that offers consistent, quality execution. Handwritten’s Inkwell colorway perfectly embodies a dark, moody vibe and blends beautifully with the collection’s complementary bold and neutral hues.

Handwritten by Crossville in Inkwell


Film Noir from our Notorious collection delivers urban sophistication in a rich concrete look – with a level of endurance true concrete can’t offer. Like many lines throughout our robust catalog, Notorious blends beautifully with many other collections and is offered in a complete package.

Notorious in Film Noir

Our gauged porcelain tile panels allow designers to build big, sleek, dramatic surfaces with minimal grout lines. And there’s no shortage of bold and exciting colors to choose from. Our new Cava in Noir Desire has it all, embracing the trend for the dark and dramatic along with a remarkably authentic true stone effect.

Cava in Noir Desir

Soft, silk-inspired Seta is a gauged porcelain tile collection that answers to the “shades of black” trend with its Gris colorway. The texture appears delicate yet has the longevity and strength you expect from porcelain tile.

Seta in Gris

Coming Soon!

We’re looking forward to launching a very exciting line this summer that will open up whole new realms of creativity!  Convergence will combine the natural look of a wood grain with jewel tones and neutrals. This shimmering glass tile has a beautiful sheen and will incorporate bold colors like peacock, red, and purple as well as neutrals with the look of cross sectional slices of wood. The dramatic effect mimics the look of wood’s end grains, with details that will boldly blend with today’s popular, dark colorways.

Convergence glass tile

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