Artist Kerry Steele Honored at Crossville’s The Common Thread for the Cure Scarf Contest Awards Event

Crossville's Common Thread for the Cure Scarf Design Contest Awards Event for Artist Kerry Steele

For our second biennial The Common Thread for the Cure scarf design contest, we took the competition to new heights by naming two honorees: a Judges’ Choice selected by a panel of esteemed interior designers (click here to meet them), and a People’s Choice winner selected by popular vote online.

Many talented artists and designers from our distributor and customer network, as well as the interior design community at large, submitted over thirty beautiful scarf designs. Charleston, South Carolina artist Kerry Steele won the Judges’ Choice award for her lovely design and was recently honored at an event in Charleston. The awards event took place at Palmetto Tile Distributors‘ Charleston showroom, where Kerry received $3,500 on behalf of The Common Thread so that more people in the interiors and furnishing industries can receive practical support when facing the challenges of breast cancer.

Crossville donated $3,500 in Kerry's name to Common Thread

Crossville’s Gita Tao (L) and Michael Downes (R) with Winner Kerry Steele


Here’s Kerry’s fabulous, award-winning creation, called “Love’s Alchemy,” along with her concept statement.

Kerry Steele-Love's Alchemy

“My design is a modified version of one of my original paintings titled, “Love’s Alchemy” with the Crossville logo layered over in a repeat. I felt that the imagery along with the title of my work fit this project well. Love is an essential need and becomes magnified during times of illness. In my work as a whole, I seek to create visual metaphors for abstract ideas and real objects. The imagery in this particular piece can be viewed as both a metaphor for transformative love and a novel depiction of the breast cancer ribbon.

The imagery in my original painting reminds me of the iconic breast cancer ribbon, though that was not my original intention with this painting.  My brushstrokes were meant to evoke the different ways love moves through our lives, changes us and the way we then view it in turn. My inspiration evolved through the process of painting. It began as an idea about romantic love but as it grew nearer completion, the complexity of the piece led me to consider a broader view. Love of parent and child, of community or country, as well as, acts of altruistic love came to mind.

The title came about while I was thinking about how love of all kinds can have a magical, transformative effect. When working out of love for a cause or in a personal situation real change can happen and that is why I chose this particular painting of mine.”

Kerry Steele is a native of Virginia and recent transplant to Charleston SC, where she paints in her studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center. She is represented by Gregg Irby Gallery in Atlanta, Anne Neilson Fine Art in Charlotte NC, and Corner Gallery in Norfolk VA.

Stay tuned next week to meet the People’s Choice scarf design winner, Beatriz Lopez!









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