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Sustainable Practices and Partnerships

From our Earth-Conscious Family to Yours

Environmental stewardship is ingrained in every thing we do. From our manufacturing processes to the products we produce, we integrate earth-friendly initiatives that benefit you and your family for as long as you own your home.

Free from hazardous-chemical maintenance

Our greatest sustainability accomplishment is our products themselves. Not only is Crossville tile produced with environmentally-safe materials and are free of volatile organic compound (VOs) emissions, you don’t need to expose your home to harmful cleaning products to clean it; thanks to Cross-Sheen® by Crossville.

Cross-Sheen® – our proprietary finish that seals and fuses tile surface pores – allows you to clean your tile with just warm water. For more aggressive stains and high traffic areas, a mild cleaner may be used to maintain the elegance of our tile and healthy living. Crossville tile provides easy, chemical-free maintenance for life.

Lifetime durability and elegance

Our Lifetime Warranty is another demonstration of our commitment to sustainability. For as long as you own your home, you will enjoy beautiful tile and the peace of mind of long lasting elegance and durability, even after long-term use. If our products are defective, we will repair or replace them…simple at that.

Recycled content in everything we produce

Every piece of tile we produce is made with up to 40% of recycled content and clean, recycled water to lessen the demand of new materials and our water supply. This has allowed us to become a net consumer of waste and more importantly, allows you to enjoy beautiful tile while helping to save our most precious resources.

Leader in sustainability

We are recognized as an earth-conscious pioneer and a certified leader in the tile industry, and continue to strive in making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.

Tile Take-Back™ Program

Tearing out old floor or wall tile? Don’t send it to a landfill; send it to Crossville instead. We are proud to offer the industry’s first tile take- back program. This new proprietary recycling process, the only one of its kind, prevents more than four million pounds of used tile from going to landfills each year.

Join us in our commitment to preserve the environment and prevent waste. Contact your local Crossville distributor or call our Customer Service Department at 931.484.2110 to learn more about our Tile Take-Back Program for your next renovation project.

Check back occasionally; we’ll continue to add new initiatives that further demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship and how you can help us save Mother Earth.