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Like the city that inspired its name: Buenos Aires Mood captures the essence of beauty, color, movement and grace to elevate your space as only Crossville® can.

Color is vital to the Buenos Aries Mood story and was an essential element of the product's creation. Inspired by the city's distinctive neighborhoods and cultural activities intertwined with Buenos Aires mystique, Crossville developed the line's five contemporary colors: Polo, a creamy white on white with a hint of beige and grey veining; La Boca, a warm true camel; Pampa, a sumptuous blending of grey and beige; Recoleta, a chocolate hue accented with taupe and ivory; and Tango, a dramatic presentation of gold and red against a field of midnight black.

Although each color is distinct, they were not created solely to stand alone, but to be used in combination with each other. Each color has at least one other that it complements perfectly, offering great design flexibility. 

  • Five luxurious, contemporary colors
  • Textured finish suitable for exterior usage
  • A sophisticated and elegant alternative to natural stone
  • Consistency of color among textures allows for blended, visually appealing installations
  • Multistrato Technology creates subtle shading, fluidity and movement within each color
  • Multiple sizes and rectified edges for maximum design versatility
  • All field tile is rectified and modular with a minimum 3mm grout joint.



Tile Sizes (Available in all colors - VS151 UP La Boca shown)

Recommended Usage

Buenos Aires Mood (polished and unpolished) is recommended for interior walls and floors and exterior walls in both commercial and residential applications. The textured finish is recommended for interior and exterior walls and floors and exterior paving.

Crossville recommends designing all exterior walking surfaces to provide adequate drainage in order to prevent standing water. Polished finish is not recommended for wet areas where standing water may occur.

For available trim pieces, please refer to the unpolished tile product descriptions. For listello offerings, please refer to the polished tile product descriptions.


Installation Notes

Prior to grouting, application of a penetrating sealer is recommended on Buenos Aires Mood polished finish.

If offset pattern is required for tiles 18 inches or longer, Crossville recommends an offset of not greater than 33%.



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