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Old-World craftsmanship is revitalized with the vivid hues of Origins Glass™ tile from Crossville®. Now color consistency is achievable in tile that looks hand-made. Taking its cue from nature, the line is separated into 5 distinct groupings: Earth, Universe, Fire, Water and Air. Surface textures and swirls compliment the bold, clear color and may include iridized techniques.

As gorgeous as Origins Glass is, these tiles also serve a purpose beyond beauty. Made of recycled glass, Origins Glass tiles require fewer raw materials to be used in production. As part of Crossville’s glass tile program, with every purchase of Origins Glass mosaics, Crossville contributes to Common Thread for the Cure. This program offers care and support to families affected by breast cancer.
Recommended Use
Origins Glass tile can be used for interior walls and covered exterior wall applications.  Origins Glass is not recommended for exterior horizontal surfaces or exterior paving.
Due to the nature of glass tile, there will be a certain amount of variation in color, shade, tone, texture, and size.  Frequently you may notice bubbles, wrinkles and folds in the glass.  These are consistent with a cast glass product.  Please open and inspect each box of glass tile upon delivery.  Buyer is responsible for both inspection and acceptance of the material prior to installation. 

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Glass Blox and Origins Installation Instructions - Spanish

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Glass Blox and Origins Installation Instructions