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Easy to work with, versatile, and fun—Simpatico is your best friend for interior wall tile design that’s up for anything. Mix and match with 12 x 24 and 6 x 24 field tiles offered in five luxe, neutral hues that are compatible even with other tiles or surfacing materials. Go glam with a quartet of glossy, artsy accent colors. Make a statement with a selection of dimensional tiles that add texture, shape, and shadow. Whether you need a sidekick or a superstar for your project, Simpatico is a kindred spirit in design. It’s the wall tile you’ll turn to because it goes anywhere for any look and brings everything together simply and stylishly.

  • 4% Recycled
  • 4% Recycled Content

    Look for this icon when selecting Crossville products made with a minimum of 4% pre-consumer recycled content.
  • HydroTect
  • Hydrotect™


    Crossville’s porcelain tiles are available with Hydrotect™. Crossville’s revolutionary, invisible coating harnesses the power of light, water, and oxygen to create the best defense against dirt and pollution. Whether indoors or out, floors and walls stay cleaner, providing a superior experience in any space.

    Crossville’s proprietary process uses a hybrid photocatalyst coating containing nontoxic titanium dioxide. Applied in a secondary high temperature firing process, it stays on the surface and does not wash or wear off.


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    New Product


    This is a new product recently added to Crossville’s continuously evolving and expanding selection.

  • Shade Variation: V1
  • Shade & Texture Index



    Uniform Appearance

    Look for this icon when selecting Crossville products with a V1 Shade Variation for Uniform Appearance. Differences between individual pieces from the same production run will be minimal.

Sizes & Finishes

12 x 24
Actual:294 x 590 (mm)
Thickness:9.3 (mm)
Finish:Satin, GLOSS
6 x 24
Actual:146 x 590 (mm)
Thickness:9.3 (mm)
Finish:Satin, GLOSS

Crossville recommends a 2mm grout joint

Coordinating Trim/Accents

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Size:3 x 24
Actual Size:71.4 x 590 (mm)
Thickness:9.3 (mm)
Finish:Gloss, Satin


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Technical Specifications

Breaking Strength – >225lbf
Water Absorption – 15-19%

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  Residential Commercial
Interior Floors
Exterior Floors
Interior Walls
Exterior Walls



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