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Green Squaredsm Certification▼

The Standard in Sustainability for the Tile Industry in North America ANSI A138.1
Green Squared is the stringent and powerful new measure for tile industry sustainability developed by Tile Council of North America under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) process.

Green Squaredsm
  • Evaluates products and processes in five key environmental and social categories:
    1. product characteristics
    2. manufacturing operations
    3. corporate governance
    4. innovation
    5. end-of-life product management
  • Recognizes manufacturers for leadership in environmental stewardship and corporate responsibilty
  • Serves as the standard bearer to ensure transparent, full disclosure of sustainability product by product, manufacturer by manufacturer - industry wide

Crossville: First Among the First
Crossville is the first manufacturer to achieve Green Squared certification for its entire porcelain tile product line-up,which is manufactured in Crossville, TN, as well as its production processes.

Crossville produced products included:
Argent Bluestone Classic Mosaics
Color Blox Color Blox Mosaics Color Blox Too
Color Blox EC Cotto Americana Cross Colors
Cross Colors LP EcoCycle Americana Limestone
Main Street Manoir Retro Active
Shades by Crossville™ Structure Virtue
Vista Americana Wood Impressions

EcoCycle Tile Process™▼

Third-party certified process in February 2011. Crossville became the first tile manufacturer to achieve certification of its waste recycling programs through Scientific Certification Systems, an independent third party certifier of recycled claims. Crossville has two primary means of recycling waste that would otherwise be sent to local landfills: its EcoCycle Fired Waste Process™ and its EcoCycle Filtrate Waste Process™. SCS has verified that through these recycling processes, Crossville recycles nearly 12 million pounds annually of previously discarded filtrate and fired waste. Both the EcoCycle Fired Waste Process and the EcoCycle Fired Waste Process were officially named SCS Certified Recycling programs in February 2011.

Current Waste Management Processes - Flow Chart

Former Waste Management Processes - Flow Chart

Recycled Content▼

At Crossville, we put our name behind every product we sell. That's why we have developed the EcoCycle Tile Process™ logo, which will be shown in conjunction with products containing recycled content. Tile containing a specified minimum amount of recycled content will be designated with a percentage shown in the logo. In addition, this logo will specify the nature of the recycled content, such as pre-consumer or post-consumer.

Recycled Products

Crossville became the first tile manufacturer to achieve certification of its waste recycling programs through Scientific Certification Systems, an independent, third-party certifier of recycled claims. And every product made at our facilities is certified because the entire manufacturing process has gained SCS Certification, known as EcoCycle Tile Process™ Crossville continues to drive sustainability into the mainstream as its has since 1986.

Argent 4% Bluestone 4% and 20%
Classic Mosaics 4% and 20% Color Blox EC 20%
Color Blox / Color Blox Mosaics 4% Color Blox Too 4%
Color By Numbers 15%* Cross-Colors® 4%
Cotto Americana 4% EcoCycle Americana 5% and 20%
Empire 20% Limestone 4% and 20%
Manoir 4% and 20% Main Street 4% and 20%
Mixology 50% Retro Active 4%
Shades by Crossville™ 4% and 20% Structure™ 4% and 20%
Urban Renewal 50% Vista Americana 2% and 20%
Virtue 4% Wood Impressions 4%
* Third-party certification for Color By Numbers provided by BRTÜV Avaliações da Qualidade S.A.

Sustainable Partnerships▼

In our efforts to preserve the environment, Crossville has partnered with TOTO USA, the world's largest plumbing products manufacturer to recycle pre-consumer waste. Crossville has developed a proprietary system of processing TOTO's sanitary ware waste back into powder used in manufacturing new tile.

In March 2011, Crossville became a net consumer of waste, meaning we recycle more waste into new products than we generate through our manufacturing processes.

This recycling conserves resources; the volume of finished goods Crossville ships now exceeds the amount of raw material it extracts from the earth for use in manufacturing.

Sustainable Operational Procedures▼

In order to minimize our impact on the environment, Crossville goes beyond offering recycled products. Crossville’s sustainable operational procedures include:

  • Printing of marketing materials at Forestry Stewardship Council certified facilities; use of soy inks and recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Packaging of samples, merchandising materials and piece goods with recycled/recyclable wrapping and cushioning.
  • Companywide recycling program for all office and production facility paper and plastic waste. With no formal recycling effort in the surrounding county, employees are encouraged to bring their recyclables to work for collection.