AUTOPAVER™ by Crossville®, an industrial grade porcelain tile, was designed with high-performance in mind. Made for floors that require extremely high-breaking strength, AUTOPAVER is suitable for service bays at auto and motorcycle dealerships, training facilities, factory floors and other areas that require greater durability, have high vehicular traffic, or place greater stress loads on flooring systems.

Not only is AUTOPAVER strong, it is made with Crossville’s proprietary Cross-Sheen® for added stain and chemical-resistance for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Made in the U.S. for quick delivery, AUTOPAVER is available in an array of popular uniform colors that can complement almost any color scheme:

AP850 Graphite AP001 Grey Mingle AP900 Mica
AP291 Pepper Quartz AP585 Sea Mist AP634 Terra Rosata
AP880 Onyx

Auto Paver Sell Sheet


  • Suitable for floors that require extremely high breaking strength
  • Made with Cross-Sheen for added stain and chemical resistance
  • Vibration and traditional thinset installation options
  • High-performance setting material available
  • Made in Crossville for short lead times
  • Minimum order 5000 square feet

For added strength, AUTOPAVER is 5/8” thick and available in one size 3 3/4” x 8”.

Size(One size available in all colors):

  • Nominal (in.) 3 3/4” x 8”
  • Actual (mm) 97 x 200
  • Thickness (mm) 15

Product Performance
Breaking Strength 900 lbf ASTM C648
Bond Strength >250 psi ASTM C482
Chemical Resistance Unaffected ASTMC650
Frost Resistance Resistant ASTM C1026
Water Absorption <0.5% ASTM C373
Scratch Hardness 7 MOHs Scale
Static Coefficient of Friction
Dry >0.7 ASTM C1028
Wet >0.6 ASTM C1028

Recommended Use
Auto service bays and other areas where heavy weight and high vehicular traffic place greater stress loads on flooring systems.

This hard, impervious porcelain tile is 15mm thick to ensure supportive strength and endure greater impact resistance.

Shade and Texture Index
AUTOPAVER has a shade variation V1.

Care and Maintenance
A complete and professional level of cleaning to insure the removal of all construction dirt, grout haze or epoxy residue that may be present is essential. If construction dirt coupled with setting material residue has been allowed to accumulate, the use of havy duty floor cleaners(acid cleaners should be avoided on cement grout due to their bleaching effect) in conjunction floor scrubbing machines(rotary scrubbing units with green or black scrub pads) may be necessary. Thorough rinising followed by the use of a wet vacuum is recommended for the complete removal of the dirty slurry and cleaning solution. If tracking and soiling continue to be present, they are usually associated with remaining grout residue or build-up of excessive cleaning solution. A repeat of the cleaning procedure referenced previously will be necessary.