Savoy - Matte Café


VS134 Café

Globally Sourced


Applications Interior Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls Countertops
Kitchen x x x
Bath x x x
Entryway x x
Living Area x x
Light Comm x
Mass Transit


Size Actual Size Thickness Matte Finish (Matte)
1 x 21N/A x N/A3/8x
1 x 22N/A x N/A3/8x
3 x 6N/A x N/A3/8x
4 x 4 HexagonN/A x N/A3/8x
6 x 6N/A x N/A3/8x
1This is a Pinwheel pattern. It consists of 1"x2" and 1"x1" tiles. It is mounted in a 12 1/4" x 12 1/4" sheet.
2This a Running Bond Pattern. It is mounted on a 12 3/8" x 10" sheet.

Coordinating Trim

Trim Name         Size Actual Size Thickness Surface
Quarter Round Beak1 x 11 x 13/8Matte Finish
Quarter Round1 x 61 x 61/2 maxMatte Finish
Double Bullnose3 x 3N/A x N/A3/8Matte Finish
Bullnose3 x 6N/A x N/A3/8 Matte Finish


Static Coefficient of Friction Dry Wet
Matte Finish (Matte) >= 0.75 >= 0.55