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EcoCycle Americana is also available in popular plank shapes.
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Something old is new again...   Now contains up to 20% recycled content

 High Style, High Value

Designed to reflect our nation's rich history, Crossville's EcoCycle Americana Series features six rich earth tones - Monticello, Gold Rush, Alamo, Grand Canyon, Rushmore and Plymouth Rock. Whether used independently or in combination, these exceptional styles will add a measure of no-nonsense elegance to any residential or commercial setting.

  • Features Cross-Sheen®, which imparts a subtle glow that enhances the color and also allows stains and scuff marks to be easily wiped away
  • Competitively priced, making it an exceptional value
  • Deep hues go all the way through the tile, making the body an integral part of the overall color

EcoCycle Americana is recommended for interior floors and walls and exterior walls. EcoCycle Americana is not recommended for exterior horizontal surfaces or exterior paving.

Tile Sizes (Available in all colors - AV113 Alamo shown)


Installation Note:

If offset pattern is required for tiles 18 inches or longer, Crossville recommends an offset of not greater than 33%.

Crossville recommends a 3/16 to 1/4 inch grout joint.



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