Glass Blox - Neutral Solids




Inspired by the sunrise and the sea, morning's fresh dew and evening's soft shimmer, Glass Blox® from Crossville® brings life and light to your designs as only glass can.


From dazzling brights to subtly sensual neutrals, the enticing Glass Blox palette includes 44 tempting colors in a multitude of sizes. Showcase your flair for the dramatic with a cascading wall of mosaics, or add just a touch of sparkle, precisely placed for maximum impact.

Refreshingly cool or warmly inviting; playful pastels or sophisticated sepias - Glass Blox is as versatile as you - and your designs. Each of the 44 hues in the Glass Blox palette was carefully selected by Crossville's color and design experts, with consideration given not only to each individual color, but to how it would interact with all the others. Groupings of three coordinating shades, as well as a selection of fashion-forward blends are there to get you started, but feel free to mix and match to make your own color statement.

Recommended Usage
Glass Blox is recommended for interior and exterior walls only in wet or dry applications.

Please view the Glass Blox - Bright Solids and Blends for additional colors.

What's Your Blend?

  Have you ever looked at Glass Blox and wondered what a blend of Sunrise, Sunshine, and South Sea would look like? Or maybe your tastes are a bit more subdued; perhaps a blend of Dusk, Desert Dawn, and North Sea works better for you. Whatever color combination appeals to your inner designer, you can now bring it to life with the Crossville Mosaic Builder, the latest tool to be added to the new Crossville website.

Not only is the tool fun-and a little addictive-but it is also a highly functional resource for designers considering custom blends. It allows them to visualize their custom mosaic blends before ordering and gives them the details of their creations in a printable form.

Click here to go to the Mosaic Builder Tool.



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