Product Features


Cross-Sheen by Crossville: The Answer to Scuffs, Stains & Graffiti

Cross-Sheen by Crossville is an integrated finish available on most Crossville tile products that makes it simple to remove graffiti, stains and scuffs on exterior and interior walls, as well as interior flooring. Wipe away even aggressive marks with a mild cleaner.

Other anti-graffiti coatings are very expensive to apply yet can be scraped off easily. Crossville’s Cross-Sheen is already integrated into the surface—making installation, clean-up and maintenance simple. And Cross-Sheen is manufactured in the U.S. to meet your specification requirements.

  • An integrated finish
  • Available on most Crossville products
  • Allows for simple removal of scuff, stains & graffiti with a mild cleaner
  • For exterior and interior walls, interior flooring
  • Already integrated, no additional application needed
  • The solution for easy maintenance long term
  • Made in the U.S.A.